About Me


Greetings folks! I’m Anh Tu Mai and am a sucker for a good film whether its the casual chick-flicks Mean Girls to the action packed Mission Impossible, I’m all for it! This blog’s dedication is for instilling upon you, the readers, my personal input and thoughts on 21st century films released starting from the year of 2000.  I am here to give my absolute honest opinions on films I have come across and am completely open to your comments and as well as your opinions on the movie at hand. I simply desire to learn how to be a movie critic and the only way to do so in my thought, is to hear from all of you on certain areas I should address and ways to improve my individual skills in critiquing. Also to note, I in no way attempt to spoil the movie for you because the ultimate factor for you as the audience deciding if the film was good is to watch it for yourselves!

Why the name A-Film-Mation you ask? It was mainly a play on word for the word “affirmation” which means to assert positively. And that is what I am here to do, state my opinions positively with no fear of right or wrong. However, the rest of the word affirmation refers to statement being said as true and the only way for it to be true is through your support and comments. You are all vital to the development of my blog as I am the author. And together, we give fruition to affirmation even if our thoughts do not align, but we aim towards being affirmed. So get your popcorn, drinks, and candy ready. Turn off all cell phones. And I hope you enjoy A-Film-Ation in 3…2…1…

*I do not own any possession to the images posted on this blog


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