Ice Age 4: Continental Drift Review


Plot Synopsis

Join us once more for a fourth time on an arctic adventure with the herd of Ice Age’s beloved Manny, Sid, and Diego. Still adjusting to the life of being a father, Manny has enough trouble trying to protect his teenage daughter Peaches from boys. However, when a cataclysm strikes divides the entire continent, the trio are left adrift the vast sea separated from their friends and family. Now Manny, Sid, and Diego must brave the storm as they encounter exotic sea creatures, explore a new world, and battle Captain Gutt and his fierce gang of pirates. And of course, we cannot forget about Scrat’s eternal search for reunion with his cursed nut.



Manfred (Manny)
A woolly mammoth who after three Ice Age installments has moved on from his tragic past and puts his family with wife Ellie and daughter Peaches above all else. Always serious when it comes to situations, Manny has developed a more relaxed nature when with his companions Sid and Diego. However, with his protective and caring nature, Manny continues to stand up for what he believes even if the odds are on the brink of despair. Remember he’s a “poofy” mammoth, not “fat.”


An underground sloth who even to this installment has been portrayed as a clumsy and unpopular fellow among the Ice Age brigade. As annoying and slow paced as he is, Sid brings a cheerful atmosphere to the group with his fantastic humor. Though his physique may not be as intimidating as a mammoth or ferocious as a saber tooth, you can count on this messy fella to keep friendship as his first priority.


A smilodon or better known as a saber toothed cat with the passionate instincts of protecting his companions. A sarcastic personality makes up the entity of this fearsome feline. Diego portrays to us a “tough guy” persona, but behind all this rough fur is a heart of gold. This fellow is ready to pounce on any enemy who dares lay their filthy claws on his friends.


I seriously cannot believe that the fourth installment of Ice Age is already dawning upon us. Here’s a quick refresher on the saga: the first film Ice Age came out slightly over 10 years ago. Feeling kinda old now don’t you? As superb and splendid as the first film one, I have to say though that each sequel was just “good enough” and not at all spectacular or strays away to be unique from the first release.

Sure, the animations have definitely bumped up from the last ten years, but that is simply not enough to drag me to re-watch this movie. Manny and the herd have amped up in detail and design, however, this film is exactly like other sequels such as the Shrek and Madagascar franchise. Let’s begin with the storyline. It should be blatantly obvious that the good guys in these sorts of happy-go-lucky movies always win at the end, but HOW they win is more important. It is up to the directors and producers to convey a meaning way to make the good guys win each time. But, with Ice Age 4, the story is terrible. Getting lost at sea because of a continental divide is a good start, but the dramatic scenes that emerged were in no way at all dynamic or meaningful.  I won’t spoil the story for you, but you can pretty much pretty how it’s going to end without me having to mention anything.

Film Review Ice Age 4


A white, female saber toothed tiger and Captain Gutt’s first mate of the arctic ship. With her dazzling beauty, Shira makes quick work on Diego as she charms him from ever fighting against her. Now don’t be so easily romanced by her, she knows when to put up a good fight and is persistent in her goals. Even more cunning and sly than the captain himself, Shira loyally serves the captain with no resistance because he once saved her during her deepest moments of despair.


Captain Gutt
A gigantopithecus and malicious captain of the high seas with his long sharpened fingernails ready to “gut” out any one threatening his turf. Captain Gutt projects the idea that all the seas are automatically his possession the moment he began sailing with his ferocious mates. Though kind at first, don’t be fooled by this primate’s sly tactics to make you a slave for his ship.

Manny is conveyed as such “tough guy” in the film that he doesn’t seem to be willing to offer his friendship to outsiders. Thank the heavens Sid is there to actually put in some heart and comedy to this movie. He is what makes the first Ice Age so comical in the first place. And introducing the pirate crew was pretty interesting, but they weren’t the least bit scary or intimidating. It’s as if the filmmakers thought of some wild extinct species and plastered them with pirate gear. And of course, there’s Scrat with his off-story quest for acorns as usual. I think I have seen enough of this little guy trying his hardest for a measly acorn that he ends up losing in the first three films. Now the dialogue has its perks at times, but that’s about it. The jokes made were barely enough to make me giggle. And any heartfelt monologues within the movie were dull and lacked passion. At least give me something good to hear while I’m spending an hour and a half on you Ice Age.

Overall, I am highly disappointed with Ice Age 4 with its lack of good dialogue, character development, and story line. Save yourself an hour or two and don’t bother watching it. And for the others of you who do, at least the animation is still top notch.

Rating: 4/10

Produced by: Blue Sky Studios

Director: Mike Thurmeier



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  1. “Ice Age” is one of my favorite Disney movies.

  2. Ice Age 4 coming out scares me. I still remember watching the first one when i was a little kid. Now having as many out as they do its just harder to follow along. Either way, awesome review. I like how you flesh out the characters and give good insight into the finer points of the movie

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