Brave Review


Plot Synopsis

As a toddler living in the earls of Scotland, Merida always sought adventure and pursued it willingly with no fear. Yet, her mishaps lured the danger of a colossal scarred bear named Mor’du towards her father and mother: King Fergus and Queen Elinor. After losing one of his foot in the brutal battle, King Fergus was able to secure the safety of his family while the beast vanished into the forest. Years later, Merida has grown into an impetuous and beautiful young lady fit enough to be betrothed. However, during the competitive ceremony of deciding her bachelor, Merida causes an upsetting dilemma to delay the event causing great havoc among the clans fighting for her hand in marriage. An angered argument between Merida and her mother creates a divide between their relationship leading Merida to seek a magic wish to let her live her life. Little does Merida know that her one wish for happiness could potentially ruin the kingdom. Will she be able to atone for her mistakes and secure peace for the land with only a moment of time left?



A passionate and headstrong teenager born into royal stature, Merida seeks independence and freedom from the domestic and boring expectations as a princess of the King and Queen. Her wild spirit and untamed hair impeccably match her persona in every way. Skilled in archery and sword fighting, Merida adopts her vibrancy from her father and also, her kindheartedness from her mother. When Merida breaks family tradition, she is forced to face her consequences, but will she be able to correct them before an all out war is started among the clans?


King Fergus
A heroic and renowned warrior especially for his skirmish with the beast Mor’du, Fergus bears a peg leg in memory of his great battle. His vendetta towards Mor’du manifests Fergus as a determined bear hunter. Fergus holds boundless love and security over his family and kingdom. With an unmatched pride in his daughter Merida, Fergus gifts her with a passion for the sword and bow.


Queen Elinor
A respectable majesty who truly embodies grace, wisdom, and strength in her reign. Completely opposite to her husband, Elinor maintains the peace across the kingdom and her family with her incredible diplomatic actions. Elinor hopes to instill her daughter Merida with the same poise she has been raised to be. Yet, when Elinor’s ideals conflict with the rebellious nature of Merida, a family trouble escalates to threaten the land.


Finally, Pixar presents to us a female protagonist! And boy oh boy, she is fiery and compassionate like her hair. Brave truly promotes the beautiful theme that family will be there in your times of need. And in addition, portrays that even in royal standings, the core of the family does not change nor does wealth change its essence. The film centers itself on the controversy of controlling destiny. And that is a splendid topic to introduce to the younger audience since it sets into the motion the idea that no boundaries or obstacles are too outstanding to hinder your life goals.


Harris, Hubert, and Hamish
Also known as the Triplets of mayhem, these three are quite adorable, but don’t be fooled! Their sly smiles and mischievous pranks always stir up trouble in the kingdom especially when it comes to getting sweets. This trio of mischief share an unfathomable bond with their beloved sister Merida. These three princes truly cannot get enough of hassling their father King Fergus with their giggling and fun pranks.

I found the animation to be very fluid in its texture and execution. The Scottish accent dialogue made the movie truly enjoyable especially since it provided an intriguing intake. Although it was a bit over the top at times, for the most part, it did corresponded with the script overall. To be honest, the story line was fairly predictable, but that is commonly expected of Pixar films. It would be too traumatic for cartoon characters especially of Pixar and Disney descent to not have a happy ending.


A bestial legend of 15 foot covered in battle scars and tilted arrows. Mor’du has been terrorizing the Scotland domain for ages and no one can fathom why. His ferociousness and fearsome tank of a body matches his instincts as Mor’du has taken the very foot of King Fergus during a tragic dilemma. However, there is a greater tale to be understood behind the battle marks of this beast.


Aside from the cons, I adored the position the film takes on controlling destiny because it really does inspire the audience to go out and take charge of their lifestyles whether it is passionately chasing after something or finding a less paid job, but enjoyable at the same time.

Overall, Brave follows the guidelines as set out by previous Pixar directors and doesn’t offer much variance in story line, but it does provide that same old nostalgic inspiration.

Rating: 7/10

Produced by: Walt DisneyPictures

Directors: Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman



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  1. You’re plot synopsis is excellent. I have seen the movie before and enjoyed it, but this makes me want to go see it again. You use high, active diction while describing the characters which more vibrantly depicts them; you bring them to life. Thanks for the review!

  2. Honestly I think this is one of Pixar’s worst movies in a long time. I just couldn’t get into it. Normally I love Pixar movies but this one was, I don’t know, it was just missing something.

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